DSA personnel have between them over 100 years of insurance experience, both in the UK and on a Global basis.

Tim and Jeremy have over 80 years of experience in the UK insurance market, and both have and continue to work throughout the EU. Their knowledge of current regulatory law, coupled with extensive contacts throughout the Insurance Industry, enables DSA to access areas that others cannot.

Because of the previous “Non Insurance” business experiences of Peter, DSA often look at problems in a totally different light to those who have been in the “industry” for years. Often providing illuminating solutions to what were previously perceived as “The only way to do something”.

We are exceptionally well situated to assist Brokers and others to find the correct Insurer for all types of business.

With all of the above in mind we will work with you to find the right solution for your insurance demands.

DSA Europe is a company registered under R.C.S. MONTAUBAN 513 014 241
A registered & regulated brokerage situated in France: No Orias 09 051 276